It is done. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. And while many would have preferred to see a certain someone else taking the oath yesterday, things are not so. Donald Trump is the undisputed President of the United States of America, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say. As I sat wondering about this particular orange cloud, I could definitely think of a few reasons why Trump isn’t all that bad. Now that he’s the President after all, why not look at the bright side of things.

Although you can find tons of reasons why Trump shouldn’t be President, here are 4 reasons why Trump might actually pull of a good job:

  1. He’s a bully: Donald Trump is a bully. And the thing about bullies is that they cannot be bullied. It is no secret that the United States has received blow after blow due to international conflicts over the past decade. It is time we stop letting the world walk over us. Hillary Clinton will never be able to pull off a Bully Move like Trump. Ever. I mean, look at the man. He talks shit and gets away with it. He does shit and gets away with it. And right now, with the world shitting on us, America could certainly use someone like him. Trump takes what he wants and will not grovel around with foreign weaklings.
  2. He can do business: All those bankruptcies aren’t for nothing. Trump is a man who knows business inside out – both the sweetness of success and the bitterness of failure. In terms of making the economy more stable, no one can match up to Trump. His business acumen will ensure that we do not continue piling up debt, something every single President has failed at term after term (Yep, Obama wasn’t too successful at achieveing this either).
  3. He does not give up: Who would’ve thought Donald Trump would be the President in 2017? Nobody. Nobody except Donald Trump. Throughout the election campaign, Trump was maligned by people, other candidates, and media (both domestic and foreign). But that didn’t stop Trump. He fought through it all, and he now stands laughing above everyone else. A total badass move. For almost a decade, Trump has been battling to establish his golf course in Scotland. Scotland didn’t want Trump there. They didn’t want his golf course. It was Trump against a whole damn country. And Trump won. That’s just who Trump is. He wins.
  4. He is a brutal decision maker: Trump will do what needs to be done. He can make the hard choices, and he’ll make them without batting an eyelid. Obama failed to bring down the saw on issues like ISIS, Russia, the economic battle with China, etc. Trump isn’t afraid to do what is necessary. 

Of course many of us prayed for the elections to end differently, but this is how things stand at present.

We must do the best we can with what we have, and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe Trump might actually make America great again. Like most uncertainties, time will tell. Time, and Donald Trump.

– L.J.